09:0009:15Program ChairsWelcome
Keynote / Chair: Horst Lichter
09:1510:30Ian GortonEngineering at Hyperscale – Architectural Issues and Challenges
10:3011:00Coffee Break
Session A: DevOps Continuity / Chair: Stephan Krusche
11:0011:20Neil Ernst, Rick Kazman and Philip BiancoComponent Comparison, Evaluation, and Selection: A Continuous Approach#1
11:2011:40Philipp Haindl and Reinhold PloeschTowards Continuous Quality: Measuring and Evaluating Feature-Dependent Non-Functional Requirements in DevOps#2
11:4012:00Justus Bogner, Tobias Boceck, Matthias Popp, Dennis Tschechlov, Stefan Wagner and Alfred Zimmermann. Towards a Collaborative Repository for the Documentation of Service-Based Antipatterns and Bad Smells#3
12:0012:20Christina Paule, Thomas F. Düllmann and André van Hoorn.Vulnerabilities in Continuous Delivery Pipelines? A Case Study#4
Session B: Assessment in Industrial DevOps / Chair: Damian A. Tamburri
14:0014:20Robert Chatley, Tony Field and David WeContinuous Performance Testing in Virtual Time#5
14:2014:40Dominik Ernst, Alexander Becker and Stefan TaiAssessment Through Proxying and Two-Stage Load Balancing#6
14:4015:00Ignacio Blanquer, Francisco Brasileiro, Amanda Calatrava, Thiago Emmanuel Pereira and Miguel CaballerConvenient Deployment of Self-Managed Elastic Clusters on Federated Clouds#7
15:0015:20Wilhelm Hasselbring, Sören Henning, Björn Latte, Armin Möbius, Thomas Richter, Stefan Schalk and Maik WojcieszakIndustrial DevOps#8
15:3016:00Coffee Break
Session C: Industry / Chair: Andreas Steffens & Uwe Zdun
16:0016:20Philipp Obergfell, Stefan Kugele, Christoph Segler, Alois Knoll and Eric SaxContinuous Software Engineering of Innovative Automotive Functions: An Industrial Perspective#9
16:2017:20Knowledge Café: Industrial & Academic Research on DevOps
20:30Joint Dinner: Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht, Hamburg

Format of the Workshop

In order to have an interesting and interactive event sharing lots of experience, we organize the workshop presentations as follows:

  • There is a slot of 20 minutes per paper.
  • The author of a paper has 15 minutes to present the paper.
  • Finally, 5 minutes remain for questions and discussion among the whole audience.